At Sun Power Solar & Electric you won’t find a high pressure sales pitch, instead you’ll find a team of electrical professionals that are passionate about solar energy and what it means for our future. Our diverse team collaborates and introduces innovative ideas and concepts to ensure the solar panels are meticulously placed for maximum energy output from every panel. The more sunlight solar panels capture, the more sunlight they convert into clean, efficient green energy

Education and support is the heart of our business. Our team will help you decide if solar power is the right decision for your property by scheduling a free consultation with you at your home or business. We believe knowledge is power, we strongly believe in educating our clients not selling an idea or concept that won’t work. We introduce many options to ensure our clients feel confident in their decision to invest in solar panels on their property.

We are committed to helping our clients far beyond the installation of solar panels, we strive to stand apart from the competition by offering continued education, support, and maintenance beyond the decision to generate solar energy.